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Better Learning Workshop Series

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Repeats every week until Wed Dec 08 2021.
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event Description: 

This workshop series will show you in bite-sized chunks how to be more successful as a student. We'll cover a lot of topics, such as active listening, time management strategies, using your textbook better, and preparing for finals. We'll start each workshop with a quick 5-10 minute strategy session and then give you an activity or reflection questions to build your skills. You can join in-person in the Root if you live in College Village or via Zoom!

Be sure to RSVP via TutorTrac to access the Zoom link.


Sep 22: Planning Your Week (Time Management) 

Sep 29: Strategy for Exams (Test Performance) 

Oct 6: Project Planning (Large Project Management) 

Oct 13: Plan Your Semester (Large Project Time Management) 

Oct 20: Sticky Learning (Memorizing Techniques) 

Oct 27: Hack Your Textbook (Finding Information and Resources) 

Nov 3: Successful Notetaking (Notetaking and Organizing Strategies) 

Nov 10: Hacking Your Procrastination (Focus and Attentiveness) 

Nov 17: Your Learning Style (Kolb’s Learning Theory and Supports) 

Dec 1: Your Standing (Calculating GPA, Course Average, Estimating Final Exam Grades) 

Dec 8: Preparing for Finals (Studying Techniques and Planning) 

The Root or Zoom