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"Ask Me Anything" Math, Computer, & Tech questions

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Thursday, December 10, 2020 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Event Description: 

GCC's Blue & Gold Study Squad is the best way to get ready for final exams! 

Using study games, learning quizzes, friendly competition, and helpful tutors, the Study Squad can help any GCC student with any course! 

Participate in group learning fun and/or breakout rooms where you can interact with tutors, professors, and other students for a successful study session.  

Mon 12/7 at 8pm: via YouTube "Ask Me Anything" with Chelsea - academic skills, study tips, learning strategies  

Tue 12/8 from 5pm – 9 pm: "Relax & Review" with Loy - course material  

Wed 12/9 from 5pm – 9 pm: Enjoy some Study Games with Mike - Jeopardy, and memory games  

Thu 12/10 at 8pm: "Ask Me Anything" with Loy - Math/ Computer/ Tech questions 

 Ways to join: 

1.   RSVP via TutorTrac 

2.   Join our Discord at, or  

3.   Email