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Maintenance Status

On Thursday, July 21, 2022 from 5:15pm to 9:00pm, GCC will be performing maintenance and repair on systems at the GCC Batavia campus. Some systems hosted on the GCC campus will be unavailable during that time. 

The following systems will be unavailable during the maintenance window:

System Services
GCC Website Website will redirect to this page; all other pages unavailable
Argos Accessing or creating/updating reports
Axiom Online Admissions Application
Banner Administrative Pages Banner Administrative Pages activities (via Remote Desktop)
Banner Document Manager (BDM, Xtender) Access to or adding files to BDM
Banner Self Service (SSB) Registration Activities; Add/drop Activities; Viewing student letters
Express Registration ACE & BEST Center registrations
GSI Accessing or creating/updating reports

The following systems will remain available during the maintenance window:

System Services
Email (student/staff/faculty) Available
myGCC; Blackboard Available
Brightspace (Desire2Learn) Available
Degree Works Available, but frozen with final update from Banner
Office 365 (Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint) (staff/faculty) Available
Access Control (Batavia, Call Arena & College Village) Available
Batavia Phones Available
Batavia Networks (wired & wireless) Available
Campus Centers Power available; wireless available; emergency phone available
College Village Power available; wireless available; phones available
MedTech - Call Arena (wired & wireless) Available
Remote Desktop Office PCs; P: Drives; shared drives

Note that the following systems are hosted off-site and will generally remain available during most power or network outages:

In addition, third-party services used to conduct business, such as Zoom, will not normally be affected by Campus power or network outages.